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Our formal training in the arts, technology, marketing and sales bring together the fiber that provides our company with a strong foundation.

Our experience in logistics, business process, manufacturing and quality assurance allows us to understand the need for detailed planning, managed execution, crisis management and damage control as well as the need for complete follow-through on every assignment.

We do all the work involved—from booth space selection, booth space contracts, payment schedules, and shipping, to on-site services including carpet, electric, installation and dismantle, and even storage.

We audit the invoices, handle any disputes and work with a commitment to accountability.


  • Select and approve a Trade Show Schedule & Trade Show Budget Payment for Booth Contract Administration, Speaking Engagements. Solicitation is due in three payments as outlined in the agreement.
  • Select Booth Space, Sign the Contract, and Schedule Payments in Accordance with Show Contract. This is done with each show/schedule of payments to be provided.
  • Submit Call for Presentations – 1 Year in Advance
  • Submit Show Directory – 6-12 Months in Advance
  • Book Hotel Rooms -1-Year in Advance
  • Once Booth Space is Paid in Full, Password for Exhibitor Manual is sent to the company contact. The Exhibitor Manual contains all of the rules and regulations, pricing for all on-site services from the General Contractor and Subcontractors and the facility as well as deadlines for advance pricing discounts.
  • Review Exhibit Rules and Regulations, Select Booth Property for the show.
  • Estimate Round Trip Transportation and Storage
  • Complete all Selected Show Site Orders – Material Handling, electric, labor, lead machine, job supplies, reimbursed expenses for travel, meals, ground transportation, hotel, and air
  • Submit Budget Forecast for approval.
  • 50% Deposit is due upon approval, the balance is due 45 days before the date of shipping. Advance pricing discounts are as much as 50% off and the advance pricing deadlines are typically 45 – 60 days from the first date of installation.
  • Complete all onsite ordering, schedule transportation and labor. Exhibit material is scheduled to arrive 30 days before the first day of installation.
  • Process orders, follow up to ensure receipt and processing.
  • Complete Pre-Show Set Up, Inspect for Damage, Pack, and Handle Out.
  • Track Freight, Audit Weight
  • Complete On-site Installation and Dismantle
  • Confirm Outbound Shipment
  • Collect all actual bills from the show site, audit, and dispute any errors.
  • Complete final billing recording any changes, submit final bill and copy of actual bills for on-site service.
  • A credit card authorization is required to guarantee on show site services and costs from the general contractor, subcontractors, shipping, and anyone associated with the show and contracted for services.

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