Installation and Dismantle


From our point of view, there is one major difference between working with an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) and the show labor.  We care about you and only about you.

  • We care that your AV is tested and working.
  • We care that you have extra bulbs in case a light blows out during the show.
  • We care that your booth is clean and that your carpet looks new.
  • We care that your graphics are wrinkle-free and if they need to be steamed, we steam them.
  • We care that your promotional products are accessible and set up for show opening.
  • We care that your closets are big enough to store items for restocking and that your registration counter has extra power for phone chargers and IPads, that you have cleaning supplies and extra keys accessible if you just happen to forget them in your room.
  • We care that you have enough power strips and pens and most of all we are there to care about you.

At the close of the show, after you have stood on your feet for hours upon hours, we take the ball and run with it to ensure everything is packed and ready to go safely to your next destination.


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