Graphic Design

Great Design Transcends Booth Size.

Trade Show success depends on a lot of moving parts, everything from the decision to be in the show, location on the show floor, booth configuration, your pre, and post-show marketing but the most important and least discussed is Graphic Design.

Your Graphics are the single most critical element of the Show Experience. If your Booth does not contain high-impact visuals you will lose your shot at capturing the attention of show attendees and you dont’ want to be just another booth on a crowded show floor.

When you first start thinking about design, take into consideration the types of hardware you’re dealing with. What does your booth look like, is it a back panel, a 10′ configuarion, banner stands, table tops? Whatever it is, how you design it and what you will say will make all the difference in the world.

We want to share something with you that we Designers have known all along. Large format graphics involves a different kind of thinking. You need to consider how things will look when they are enlarged up to 500% of their original size. That’s true for photos, typography, logos and all the design elements in a booth display.

Cohesiveness is what we consider when we are designing. How do things work together, does that sign on top of the backwall hang over that great opening line you put on your banner stands? We consider it all.

Trade Show Solutions Center has one of the best desgin teams in the world. We understand Branding, Marketing, Messaging, Print, Web and most importantly LARGE FORMAT GRAPHIC DESIGN.

When you work with us, we will start with an intro conversation about your goals. You have a short period of time to make an impression so before we start designing, we want that message air tight.

We know what sells, so let’s come up with that first, kick it around a little bit and when we’re clear we’ll start drafting. We know that everyone wants to “SEE” what it’s going to look like but trust us, it’s better to define what you’re going to say up front before you start renderings.

Graphic edits cost precious time and money not to mention the possibility of missing deadlines needed to get everything produced on time. We won’t let you go over budget so we spend our time up front to avoid last minute changes that jeopardize your deadlines.

You have our word, when it comes to booth design we will take your lead, help you fine tune it, present you with ideas based on your brand and our conversation and get it right before we send it to production.
We are committed to your success.

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