Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Trade Show right for my company?

Tradeshow or exhibit marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to introduce yourself to prospects and potential customers; they can reduce the buying cycle and allow you to reach buyers you were not even aware of.

Trade Show Solutions Center works with companies to analyze budgets, marketing potential, and the risk/reward of exhibiting so if you decide to move forward, you will know exactly what to expect.

How far in advance should I start to plan my Trade Show?

Planning a successful trade show requires you to be organized, creative, and resilient. Trade shows are a huge investment. B2B (Business to Business) organizations participate to promote their goods and services to targeted audiences so it’s important to be well positioned.

There are countless details involved which include: Show Selection, Exhibit Design, Promotional Materials, Travel, Staff, Set-Up, Marketing, and more. Give yourself plenty of time, a year if possible. If Trade shows are right for you, work with the “A-Team” Professionals at Trade Show Solutions Center where, Trade Show Programs are our specialty.

Can you assist with a strategic plan?

Yes. Getting your messaging down is just the beginning of your trade show planning.  Our focus is to help you optimize your time and your resources.  Have you answered the call for presentations, reviewed the pre-show marketing opportunities with show management or thought about doing some competitive research?  Talk with our trade show experts and let’s see how you can make the most out of your trade show efforts.

What is a Trade Show Program?

Organizing your trade show schedule as an over arching program can help you to deliver a clear consistent message to the market and help you to save money on exhibit materials, advertising and promotional efforts.  Our solutions experts help you to find common themes while still having the advantage of customized messaging throughout the year.

How can you help with Pre-Show Marketing?

With long lasting relationships in the industry, we can work with you to plan and execute room drops, bus wraps, advertising in the trade magazines, develop interative campaigns, geo targeting, staff product training and or updates in the booth, sales meetings at the end of the show, hospitality events and more!

Do you help with Booth Selection & Design?

Yes, and even before that…are you at the right show, who is your target market and is the decision maker or influencer attending the show?  And then it is all about location, location and location.  We take a look at main traffic patterns, the show anchors, competition and then we look at the Why?  Why did you select this particular show, what are you expectations, who do you want to meet and how can we best reinforce your brand and your message.  Most new exhibitors think it is all about the pretty graphics at their first show and soon learn it is far more than that.  Professional designers, understand what triggers brand awareness, what architectural elements stimulate an action or engagement and how do we get the graphics to cause a qualified attendee to ask a question!  We can give you the competitive advantage and once the attendee asks the question, the ball is in your court.

Can you help with setting up & taking down my display?

You will notice the difference when you hire our team to work for you.  Your exhibit is our primary focus, we are concerned about the way your booth is handled, assembled, dismantled and packed.  We think about the wait time and communicate with the general contractor to help insure the most efficient us of time.  We pre-prep for the next show saving you time on the pre-show set up for your next show.  We also work diligently to properly wrap each item to minimize if not elimate damage and photograph and store your graphics for use time and time again.    A dedicated supervisor is working in your corner, all we want you to do is point!

What types of materials should I have?

This is not a black and white question, so we cannot give a black and white answer.  When our clients bring us on as a part of the marketing team and let us understand their goals and objectives; we can provide support from our over 30 years of experience and unmatched lists of global resources.  Yes, the trade show environment has changed however we are always ready with solutions and our teams are nimble and ready to respond.

Do you assist with post-show follow-up?

In the pre-planning process, we want to insure that you look at what does the post show follow up look like.  Still to this day, attendees complain about the lack of follow up.  We do have distribution capability so just send us the excel file with the priority assigned to the lead and we will dispatch a personalized letter and promotional kit within 48-72 hours.

What do you mean by Nationwide Storage?

Even with the light weight materials and fabric graphics specified in exhibit design these days, shipping costs are still at the top of the list for expenses.  I stopped a long while ago using common carriers due to the cost of repairing damaged parts because the rough rides across country.  We partner with Airways Express and benefit from local dispatches that are trained in Trade Show transportation, professionals who understand the show must go on, the exhibit must get there and are clients do not want to be hit with 8 hour wait time fees.

This alliance allows us the benefit of climate controlled storage space in each major convention city.  The strategic partnership provides significant savings for uneccessary transportation costs to and from the exhibit house. We can stage freight, offer free 30 day storage in off premise climate controlled warehouses and manage the logistics so that transportation  costs are contained.

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