Exhibit Design


There are five primary steps to consider when embarking on a trade show. The planning process cannot be understated, and our creative team of professionals will walk you through this process efficiently, saving you time and money and creating a positive show experience.

Step 1 – Pre-Planning

Investing time to answer important questions before beginning is very important. The answers you provide about your messaging and goals will lead your exhibit’s design and build process.

You will share your marketing objectives with the design team during this stage. The more knowledge we have, the stronger our solution will be. 

Step 2: Discovery

Discovery is necessary and self-explanatory. During this meeting, you will meet with our team to correctly identify goals, objectives, expectations, timelines, and budgets, allowing us to develop an accurate timeline of deliverables.

Step 3: Proposal

Once the discovery is complete, we develop a proposal with all the elements and related costs. The proposal includes graphic sizes needed, booth structure, rental components, show services, terms and conditions, and detailed pricing for each item. 

Suppose you are creating the visual images yourself. In that case, we will send an explicit design guideline document that describes the type of files you will need to submit to us so we can produce your booth graphics, along with deadlines for completion. We also can provide graphic design services if you prefer.

Step 4: Graphic Design and Rendering

Once the project is adequately defined, the design step begins. Based on your preferences for your exhibit’s look, function, and budget, the design team develops several concepts for the exhibit design. The team will provide renderings with different views of how the booth will look in your trade show space. You pick the idea you like the best and provide feedback on any desired changes. You are essential to the creative process, as the exhibit designers can explore whatever direction you want. Once you are comfortable with the basic design concept, we will revise it based on your suggestions and provide a final rendering for approval.

Step 5: Exhibit Building, Show Launch, and Follow-up

Exhibit Building: Once the proposal is signed, the exhibit building begins. The project manager will help you through the process. Some exhibits will take weeks to develop. As we finalize the graphic elements for your booth, you will be sent proofs for approval.